Friday, September 7, 2012

The Words

My View:  The Words (2012) A struggling writer, Rory (Bradley Cooper) is given an old briefcase that contains a manuscript. Rory decides to submit the work as his own, and the manuscript is a success. He must now, though, deal with the consequences of his actions. I did not like this film; it’s very confusing as it is a story within a story that is within another story. I think that the Dennis Quaid/Olivia Wilde storyline doesn't add anything to the film as Quaid's character has written a book about Bradley Cooper stealing the novel, and Wilde is a grad student who is flirting with him. It’s a part of the story that was just unnecessary and kind of pointless. Plus I just don’t feel that Bradley Cooper has the acting skills to take on a part that asks him to carry the picture. Jeremy Irons, on the other hand, was his usual, capable self, playing the old man near the end of his life who wants Cooper to admit that he stole the book. I enjoyed the scenes in 1944 Paris but they were few and far between.   My Rating: Cable   The Words Website  Please note that I work for CBS, Inc. and this film is a CBS Films release.
Indiefest:  For a Good Time, Call (2012) College rivals, Lauren (Lauren Anne Miller) and Katie (Ari Graynor) who, through a mutual friend (played by Justin Long), are forced to become roommates due to financial circumstances.  Lauren learns that the job she moved to New York City for is gone and discovers that Katie makes ends meet by being a phone sex operator.  The two girls then team up to open their own sex chat line, but, will success go to their heads?  I really liked this film.  While it’s a little raunchy, it never goes too far with its comedy. Miller is cute in the role of Lauren who tries to make it in the big city, and Graynor is marvelous as the more adventurous Katie. There are quite a number of cameos in this film as we see the male and sometimes female callers, who seem to call at the most inappropriate times (i.e., in an airport bathroom). This is an enjoyable and entertaining film with a great cast, including Justin Long who plays the gay best friend of the two girls.  My Rating: Bargain Matinee   For a Good Time, Call Website
Indiefest:  Bachelorette (2012) Three women (Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, Lizzy Caplan) who were jerks to a fellow student, Becky (Rebel Wilson), while in college, are now asked to join her wedding party. They are determined to give Becky a bachelorette party that she will never forget, and they succeed … maybe a little too successfully. This is a Bridesmaids rip-off without the heart. The only character I remotely liked was Rebel Wilson's, but she only appears in the first part of the film and the last 20 minutes.  Kirsten Dunst's character is just not funny and is so unappealing, and she never seems to figure out that she is just a horrible person. The laughs in this film are few and far between. Let's hope you never have to attend one of these characters' weddings.   My Rating: Cable   Bachelorette Website
Indiefest:  The Imposter (2012) This is a documentary about a 13 yea- old boy who went missing in San AntonioTX.  No traces were found of the boy until three and half years later, the family gets a call from that he has been found and wants to come home.  But all is not what it seems in this true story that has more twists and turns than a Hitchcock thriller. This is an amazing story, and the filmmakers do a masterful job of keeping the suspense and mystery in the film, right up to the last frame. This is one of the best documentaries that I have seen this year and shouldn’t be missed.   My Rating: Full Price   The Imposter Website
Forgotten Film:  Starman (1984) John Carpenter directed this Sci-Fi story of an alien who crashes his spaceship near the home of Jenny (Karen Allen), a woman who is mourning her recently deceased husband.  Jeff Bridges plays the alien, who, from a strand of hair, takes the form of Jenny’s dead husband.  The “Starman” persuades Jenny to help him reach a rendezvous spot that he must achieve in three days (the length of time that he can stay on Earth before perishing), but now they must travel cross country to stay ahead of the government who know that the Starman has landed on Earth.  Bridges was nominated for an Academy Award for this role, and rightly so, as he perfectly plays the curious alien who has to quickly adapt to human way of life.  Karen Allen is perfect in the role of the woman who slowly falls in love with the Starman.   My Rating: Full Price   Starman Website
In Case You Missed it ( A Film Just Released on DVD): The Hunger Games (2012) I thought this film did a great job of turning the bestselling book into an exciting and highly watchable film. Jennifer Lawrence is perfect as Katniss, a girl who tries to help her family survive in a future where food is scarce, and life is very hard.  Katniss must participate and win the Hunger Games, a battle to death.   My Rating: Full Price   The Hunger Games Website
In Memory of Ed Wood ( A Movie I’ve Only Seen in Trailers but Just Looks Like a Bad Idea):   Stolen (2012) Nic Cage is at it again where he plays a former thief whose daughter has been kidnapped and is locked in the trunk of a taxi cab.  Maybe he will turn back into that skull guy with the flames and the bike to spice things up in this turkey of a film.   Stolen Website

Weird Credits: From the credits of The Words: Additional Focus Puller 

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You:   Won't Back Down:  Two mothers band together to take on the bureaucracy of a school system and change it so that their failing inner city school gets the help it needs. Starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis and Holly Hunter.   Won't Back Down Website
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