Friday, July 31, 2015

Mission: Impossible Rogue-Nation

My View:   Mission: Impossible Rogue-Nation  (2015)  PG-13  The incoming CIA chief (Alec Baldwin) wants to disband the Impossible Mission Force, just when we need Ethan (Tom Cruise) and the gang the most. This film is certainly the best film of the Mission: Impossible series and one of my favorite films of the summer. The movie starts off with a breathtaking stunt and just keeps going from there.  There is a motorcycle chase sequence that is one of the best chase scenes I have ever seen. I loved the “bromance” between Cruise’s character, Ethan and Simon Pegg’s Benji, with some great lines flowing. Rebecca Ferguson held her own with Tom Cruise (not easy to do) and makes a number of action sequences believable. Sean Harris makes a great bad guy, and Alec Baldwin is fun as the CIA chief.  I enjoyed seeing this film in IMAX, which made the action sequences come alive.  MI Rogue Nation is a blast to watch and actually has a plot that makes sense.  If you are an action fan, go see this film!    My Rating: Full Price   Mission: Impossible Rogue-Nation Website
My View:   Vacation (2015)  R  Rusty (Ed Helms) decides to follow in his father’s footsteps and take his family on a long distance trip to Walley World.  If you are nostalgic for the old Vacation series, you might enjoy this film. I found the film funny, at times, but it’s just too long and too predictable. I liked Ed Helms as Rusty, and he has good chemistry with Christina Applegate, who isn’t given enough to do in this film. The kids (Skyler Gisondo, Steele Stebbins) are both funny and have some enjoyable scenes together. Chris Hemsworth is hilarious as the Texas weatherman married to Rusty’s sister, Audrey (Leslie Mann). There is a scene with Hemsworth that had me on the floor laughing, but the rest of the film doesn’t quite live up to that scene. I just wish there had been more laughs.   My Rating: Bargain Matinee    Vacation Website
IndiefestIrrational Man (2015)  R  A philosophy professor (Joaquin Phoenix) finds a new meaning to life when he gets involved with a student (Emma Stone).  This is not a comedy but more like Woody Allen’s drama and mystery films. The film wastes the talents of Emma Stone (Woody doesn’t seem to know how to write dialog for her), and Joaquin Phoenix looks lost at times in his role. The film starts to pick up in the 2nd half of the film, but it doesn’t save it from being only mildly interesting. There was so much potential with this film but instead of utilizing the very strong cast, the film feels hollow and underdeveloped. It’s if Allen had an idea for the movie but only wrote one draft, making its story-line and its characters feeble.   My Rating: Bargain Matinee    Irrational Man Website     
Indiefest A LEGO Brickumentary (2014)  G   A look at the global legacy of the LEGO building-block toys. This is an enjoyable documentary about the little plastic blocks the world loves. Jason Bateman narrates the film, and his voice is animated by an actual Lego figure. The film looks at the almost cult-like status LEGOS have in the world. It also looks at how people are using LEGOS for more than just play, as the film shows them being used to help Autistic children socialize, architects create models of their work, and even used to create artwork. It’s a film that moves at a quick pace and doesn’t feel at all like an hour and a half.  Fans of LEGOS, especially kids, will delight at all the inside information provided by this film.   My Rating: Full Price    A LEGO Brickumentary Facebook Page
IndiefestBoulevard  (2014) R  A devoted husband, Nolan(Robin Williams), confronts the life he has been hiding from the world for over 25 years. It’s sad that this is the last principle part that the late Robin Williams will play. The film never uses his vast talent to its fullest as the script is predictable and somewhat boring. This is a somber, downbeat film that never takes any chances, much like Nolan himself. I liked Kathy Baker who plays Nolan’s very patient and loving wife, but their scenes are never fully fleshed out, and the film leaves you wanting more…more for the plot and more for Williams, the actor.   My Rating: Bargain Matinee    Boulevard Info
Forgotten Film:  Seven Years in Tibet  (1997)  PG-13   The true story of Heinrich Harrer (Brad Pitt), an Austrian mountain climber who, while in India, is imprisoned by the British.  He escapes and makes his way to Tibet. There he befriends the Dali Lama (Jamyang Jamtsho Wangchuk) and becomes his tutor.  Heinrich is there to see the invasion of the land by the Chinese.  This is a beautiful film, and Pitt gives a multi-layered performance, and his scenes with the Dali Lama are magical. The film is a little dull at times (I would have liked to have seen the film done from the perspective of the kid instead of Harrer), but it’s gorgeous to watch and Pitt gives one of his better performances.   My Rating: Bargain Matinee    Seven Years in Tibet Info

Weird Credits:  From Mission: Impossible  Rogue-Nation:  Standby Optician

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You:   She’s Funny That Way (2014)  R  I am hopeful about this screwball comedy written and directed by legendary filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich.  The film is about a troupe trying to put on a Broadway production. The film has a great cast that should be perfect for this story, including Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, Imogen Poots, Cybill Shepherd and Richard Lewis.    She's Funny That Way Website   
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Friday, July 24, 2015


Family FairePixels  (2015)  PG-13  Aliens have come to wreak havoc on Earth.  It seems, though, they have misinterpreted video feeds of classic arcade games.  Now it’s up to a gang of video gamers to save the Earth from a weapons attack in the form of video games. Can someone just give Adam Sandler a hug because he looks miserable making crappy film after crappy film? This film should have been fun and funny.  Instead we get a film that wants us to believe that someone like Kevin James can be president and that the character Adam Sandler plays is so devastated by not winning a video game contest that it ruins his life. The only actor who gives a performance with any energy is Peter Dinklage, and it’s just not enough to save this sorry film. The movie has so much product placement in it that I expected the closing credits to say “Pixels brought to you by Bud Light.” At the screening I attended, with about 20 minutes left in the film, the fire alarm went off in the theatre. While waiting for the film to restart, my fellow critics and I were able to figure out how the rest of the film would go; it’s that predictable. The best way to describe this film: unimaginative and boring.  And don’t pay extra to see it in 3-D - it was not shot in 3-D, and it shows.  So save your quarters and don’t see this mess of a film.    My Rating: You Would Have to Pay Me to See it Again   Pixels Facebook Page
Indiefest:   Paper Towns  (2015)  PG-13  Quentin (Nat Wolf) is taken on an all-night adventure by his friend and neighbor Margo (Cara Delevingne).  Soon after Margo goes missing, Quentin and his friends decide to go on an adventure of a lifetime to search for Margo. I loved this film about a young man and the girl who inspires him to go outside his comfort zone. The film is perfectly cast, especially with Nat Wolf, who does a brilliant job as the shy and reserved Quentin. Cara Delevingne is brilliant as the rebellious girl who inspires Quentin to go on his quest. The rest of the cast is a blast to watch, especially Austin Abrams, who plays the nerdish Ben, one of Quentin’s best friends. The film is part mystery, part road trip which makes it move at a quick pace. It’s a film you will enjoy from start to finish.  My Rating: Full Price   Paper Towns Website
Indiefest:   Tangerine  (2015)  R  Transgender prostitute Sin-Dee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) has just gotten out of prison.  She is shocked to find out that her boyfriend and pimp, Chester (James Ransone), has left her for another woman. Sin-Dee is on a mission to find the cheating couple with the help of her best friend Alexandra (Mya Taylor).  This is an interesting film shot entirely on iPhones but doesn’t look like it was. Mya Taylor’s performance as Alexandra, a woman who is trying to keep her best friend out of trouble, is the best thing about this film. Taylor gives her role a funny, sparkling turn, which makes her stand out from the rest of the cast. Shot of the streets of downtown L.A., the film, has a realistic feel to it and makes L.A., itself, one of the characters in the film. The film doesn’t always work, especially some of the scenes with a cab driver (Karren Karagulian) who has a thing for Sin-Dee, but anytime Taylor is on screen, the film gets better.   My Rating: Bargain Matinee   Tangerine Website

IndiefestUnexpected  (2015)  R  An inner-city high school teacher (Cobie Smulders) finds out she is unexpectedly pregnant. At the same time, a student of hers, Jasmine (Gail Bean), discovers that she is also pregnant. The two soon become friends over this unplanned shared experience.  Cobie Smulders gives a moving and briiliant performance as the teacher who sees her career hopes and dreams fading due to her pregnancy. She works well on-screen with Bean as the film progresses. Gail Bean is outstanding as the smart and determined Jasmine, giving her an air of inner strength and making her a character who demands respect for the choices that she makes. This is a film that explores the choices and sacrifices that women make when dealing with pregnancy. It’s to the credit of the two leads that the film works as well as it does. While not a groundbreaking film, it’s an interesting experience showing two women trying to come to grips with the reality of their situations.   My Rating: Full Price   Unexpected Facebook Page   
Forgotten FilmTess  (1979)  PG   A young woman (Nastassja Kinski) in Victorian England becomes the pawn of two men in her life.  Kinski gives the performance of a lifetime as Tess, a woman who is preyed upon by men, and there is nothing that she can do about it. It’s a sad, heartbreaking film but one worth watching due to Kinski’s incredible performance.     My Rating: Full Price   Tess Info

Weird Credits: From the credits of Pixels: Flamist Artist

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You: Listen to Me Marlon (2015)  The film uses a newly discovered archive of over a hundred hours of audio to create a documentary with Marlon Brando’s own voice.   Listen to Me Marlon Info
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Friday, July 17, 2015


My View:  Ant-Man (2015)  PG-13  Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is a car burglar who is hand-picked by Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) to become Ant-Man.  Ant-Man can decrease in size but, also, can increase in strength. I enjoyed this film that is more in the vein of Guardians of the Galaxy with the amount of humor in it and the hero of the story who is dependent on his wits, rather than a superpower. I liked Rudd in the role, as he has a smart-ass quality to him, but not so much that you don’t like him. He plays off of both Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lilly (who plays the daughter of Dr. Pym), and there are some real sparks between Lilly and Rudd. Corey Stoll plays the villain well, bringing just enough menace to the role to make it enjoyable to watch. The action sequences are fast moving and exciting, with some creative scenes that make the film a blast to watch. Once again, I think you can save some money and see it in 2-D. There are two bonus scenes worth staying for; one after the first portion of credits and one at the very end of all the credits.    My Rating: Full Price   Ant-Man Website
My View:  Trainwreck (2015)  R  Amy (Amy Schumer) has spent her whole life thinking that monogamy was not for her. Then she met Aaron (Bill Hader), and her world changed.  I loved this romantic comedy with a twist. Usually, it’s the guy who is a cad and whose life is changed when he meets the girl. This film turns that idea on its ear as Amy Schumer plays a woman who doesn’t want commitment, and, in fact, she wants the guy to leave as soon as sex is over. Cuddling to Amy is like a death sentence, and spending the weekend together is her idea of hell. Then she meets Aaron and, against every fiber of her being, she starts falling for him. Hader is exceptional as the straight man in the film, and he and Schumer work well together on-screen. Lebron James is funny as himself, playing Aaron’s best friend. James delivers lines with a comedic touch that a lot of current comedians can’t do. John Cena is brilliant as Amy’s go-to sex partner who develops feelings for her. This is Schumer’s film, and she is outstanding in the role, and she dominates the screen with her staggering timing. This is a film that delivers from start to finish, making it breathtakingly funny and touching at the same time. That’s something you rarely see in today’s comedies.    My Rating: I Would Pay to See it Again    Trainwreck Website

Indiefest: Infinitely Polar Bear (2015)   A manic-depressive father (Mark Ruffalo) agrees to take full-time responsibility for his two daughters while his wife (Zoe Saldana) is out of town at business school.  It’s hard to make a successful film when your lead character is so erratic in his mood swings. I have always liked Ruffalo as an actor, but he struggles to find a voice in this film. Saldana isn’t given much to work with either, and her screen time is spent mostly being mad at Ruffalo’s character. What made this film watchable at times was the performances of Imogene Wolodarsky and Ashley Aufderheide, who play the couple’s two daughters. They lend both a vitality and somewhat stable presence to the film, counteracting Ruffalo’s over-the-top performance as the manic father. The film is based on the real-life childhood of director Maya Forbes, and I think this story was just a little too personal to work on the screen.   My Rating: Bargain Matinee    Infinitely Polar Bear Website
Indiefest:  Lila & Eve  (2015)  R  Two mothers (Jennifer Lopez, Viola Davis), distraught over the deaths of their children gunned down by a drive-by’s, decide to get their revenge when the authorities decide not to pursue the crimes. Viola Davis gives an impressive performance as the mother who is devastated by the death of her college-bound son. I wasn’t as impressed by Jennifer Lopez’s role as the tough as nails mom who becomes Davis’s mentor. I just felt never fully committed to the role. The film is an interesting look at how death affects people different ways and how grief can overcome even the most rational thoughts. The film takes a very strange turn near the end, which I did not like. Overall, the film is worth watching for Davis’s performance but the plot is somewhat lacking in reality.    My Rating: Bargain Matinee   Lila & Eve Website

Indiefest:  Do I Sound Gay? (2014)     Filmmaker David Thorpe attempts to change his voice and explore the stereotype of the “gay voice. This documentary is funny at times and maddening at other times, as Thorpe explores why gay men are so aware of how they sound in public. Thorpe interviews some notable gay icons such as Tim Gunn and George Takei about how they feel about how they sound. Thorpe makes this film a little too personal to be totally effective and enjoyable, but the film does move at a quick pace and keeps the subject matter interesting.   My Rating: Bargain Matinee   Do I Sound Gay? Website  

Forgotten Film: Crumb (1995)  R  Documentary about the legendary underground comic artist R. Crumb. Crumb is a rather strange guy whose comic books are equally bizarre and touching. It’s a haunting world where we see how deeply an artist feels for his work and makes it his lifeblood. It’s not a world you would want to live in, though, but it’s fascinating to visit.   My Rating: Full Price   Crumb Info   

Weird Credits: From the credits of Ant-Man: Musician; Oboe & Cor Anglais  

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You:  Fantastic Four  (2015) I    want to see this superhero film not because of the subject matter (all the other Fantastic Four films have been pretty bad) but because of two of the lead actors, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan. I think that Jordan and Teller are some of the best young actors working today.    Fantastic Four Website
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Friday, July 10, 2015


Family FaireMinions  (2015)  PG  The Minions have been looking for a leader for ages to no avail. Kevin is a minion with a plan, and he, along with Stuart and Bob, are on a quest to find their next potential master. Scarlet Overkill(Sandra Bullock) just might be that leader. The Minions were always my favorite part of the Despicable Me series. Unfortunately, the Minions should only be a supporting cast, never the leads like they are in this very boring film. The film is set in 1968, and there are cultural references to things that kids are not going to know anything about (like The Beatles Abby Road).  The film does have five or six funny scenes, but it takes so long to get there that the laughs aren’t as big as they should have been. There is also a lot of Minion singing, which gets very old very quickly with the Minion way of speaking and singing in that weird language they use.  Sandra Bullock brings nothing to the film, and it goes downhill after her appearance as the villain. Little kids might like the film but older kids and adults are going to be very board. Save your money and don’t see the 3-D version, as the movie never really takes advantage of that technology.  There is a bonus scene at the end of the credits, but I am not sure you and the kids will want to stay.   My Rating: Cable   Minions Website
IndiefestAmy  (2015)  R   Documentary on the late great singer Amy Winehouse, who died too soon. This movie is a stunning and heartbreaking film to watch. I wasn’t a fan of Winehouse, but I am now because we get to see Amy in her early years before fame came crashing down on her. The film uses home videos, behind the scenes shots of her recording studio sessions and live concert footage to give us an insight into her life and what she was really like. We also see her downfall, which was brought on by a person who was not ready or meant for the spotlight. It’s a moving film that uses Winehouse’s music to illustrate what was going on in her life, and the film uses it brilliantly. Even if you aren’t a Winehouse fan, you will want to see this documentary.   My Rating: I Would Pay to See it Again   Amy Website
My ViewThe Gallows  (2015) R  20 years after a horrific accident during a school play, students decide to put the play on again to honor the anniversary.  It’s a decision they will soon regret. This is a cheaply done horror movie with bad acting and very few scary parts. It  takes almost half the film before the frightening scenes start happening.  The film is shone as a found footage movie, so there are a number of shots of ceilings and people's feet (so many so, I wonder if the director has a thing for shoes). The film is boring, and the characters are so uninteresting that you almost want them to get killed. I also hated the ending, which was predictable and like most of the film, pointless.   My Rating: You Would Have to Pay Me to See it Again   The Gallows Website
IndiefestTestament of Youth  (2014)  PG-13  A headstrong young woman, Vera (Alicia Vikander) enters Cambridge just as World War I is breaking out.  I was impressed with Alicia Vikander’s performance once again (she was stunning as Ava in Ex Machina) but I was let down by the slow pace of this coming-of-age film set in England. We get to see a war through the eyes of a woman who knows what she wants and is ready to fight to get it. The scenes set in the war zone, as Vera works as a nurse, are gritty and well done. It’s the time on the home soil of England that I felt slowed the film down, so much so, that, at times, I felt I was swimming in the river that Vera loves to visit. It’s a beautiful looking film that just doesn’t have enough for Vikander to do.   My Rating: Bargain Matinee  Testament of Youth Website
IndiefestHippocrates: Diary of a French Doctor  (2014)  Benjamin (Vincent Lacoste) is an intern working in a busy Parisian hospital ward that is run by his father.  Benjamin is convinced he will be a great doctor. Abdel (Reda Kateb) was a doctor in his native Algeria but is now having to work as an intern to get his license in France.  Both men will be tested like never before. This is an excellent film about what it’s like to be a doctor in a small hospital. Lacoste is perfect in the role of the young Benjamin, who quickly learns that the job isn’t going to live up to his ideals. Kateb, as the world-weary doctor having to start over from scratch, gives a profound and impressive performance. The film was directed by Thomas Lilti, who is a doctor, and that realism is one of the main strengths of this movie.  It’s a film well, worth seeing.   My Rating: Full Price  Hippocrates Info
My View:  Self/Less  (2015)  PG-13  Damian (Ben Kingsley) is a rich man dying of cancer. He undergoes a radical medical procedure that transfers his consciousness to the body of a healthy young man (Ryan Reynolds).  This isn’t a horrible film, but it’s too long, takes forever to get going, and it’s rather easy to figure out. Kingsley barely has any screen time and Reynolds, while doing an admirable job as an action scenes, is rather boring in the rest of the film. I also never bought the fact that when Damian was old he was a jerk, but when he takes over the new body, he become compassionate. If you want to see an action film, go see Mad Max again.    My Rating: Cable   Self/Less Website
Forgotten Film: Tucker: The Man and His Dream  (1988) PG   The story of the rise and fall of Preston Tucker (Jeff Bridges), who creates a revolutionary car and tries to take on the established car industry. Francis Ford Coppola directed this moving and fascinating film about a man with a dream who gets squashed by the system.  Jeff Bridges is brilliant as Tucker and gives us a stunning and riveting performance that makes the film worth watching.  You root for Tucker even though you know that the outcome is not going to be good.    My Rating: Full Price   Tucker: The Man and His Dream Info

Weird Credits:  From the credits of Minions:  Score Vocalist

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near YouBoulevard (2015)  This film features Robin Williams in his last starring role.  Enough said.   Boulevard Info
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Friday, July 3, 2015

Magic Mike XXL

My View:   Magic Mike XXL (2015)   R   Mike (Channing Tatum) has been out of the stripper biz for three years. He has his own furniture company, and though he occasionally thinks about his past life, it’s pretty much over. That is until he gets a call from the guys, and they decide to go on one last road trip to glory.  I wasn’t a big fan of the first film as I feel it needed more of a storyline and less of a floor show. I also did not like the romantic interest for Tatum’s character, actress Cody Horn, as she wasn’t up to the part. My feeling for this sequel is about the same. While Tatum dances up a storm, and his final dance sequence with tWitch is fantastic, once again the film is let down by a weak storyline. The film’s Director of Photography is the first film’s director Steven Soderbergh, so I thought this one would follow the big, bright scenes the original film had but this sequel is very dim on the screen with some scenes barely visible. The initial meeting between Tatum and his love interest, Amber Heard, is so dark in appearance, I wasn’t sure who he was talking to. While I did like Jada Pinkett Smith in the role of the new MC for the boys, I just could help think how much I missed Matthew  McConaughey's character from the initial film. If you were a big fan of the first movie, you will enjoy this one. If you weren’t, like me, then stay away as it is just more of the same.   My Rating: Cable   Magic Mike XXL Website

My View:   Terminator Genisys (2015)  PG-13   John Connor (Jason Clarke) sends back Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) to protect Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke), but when he arrives, nothing is as he expected.  So, what we have here is an attempt to reboot a franchise that seems as old as Arnold. Well, it just doesn’t work. Now if you are an action fan, then you may enjoy this film because it has plenty of action and some cool-looking fight sequences. Unfortunately, the plot, which includes multiple time travels, is a big mess where it looks like the writers and director added every conceivable plot point and hoped it would somehow all make sense. It doesn’t. My other problem with this film is the actress who plays Sarah Connor, Emilia Clarke. She is just too small and  young looking to play the tough as nails, Connor. I never believed that she could hold her own in a fight (unlike Linda Hamilton in T2 who could kick most guys’ butts). It also made it a little creepy that a very bulked up Jai Courtney’s character was meant to hook up with this very young-looking Sarah Connor. Arnold is fun and has some of the best lines, but it’s not enough to make up for such a convoluted storyline. And, it’s not worth the extra money for 3-D as the film was not shot in 3-D. Do stay through the first portion of ending credits though, as there’s a bonus scene.    My Rating: Bargain Matinee   Terminator Genisys Website

Indiefest:  Aloft (2015)  R  Nana (Jennifer Connelly) is an artist who recently became noticed for her work. A journalist (Melanie Laurent) finds out Nana abandoned a son (Cillian Murphy) over twenty years ago. The reporter sets up a meeting between the mother and son, and it will change their lives forever. I really enjoyed this film. It has a complex plot that, while complicated, makes the film flow throughout. All three leads are impressive, with Laurent giving a moving and intelligent performance. This is one of those films that is a pleasure to watch from the first frame, even though it deals with some pretty tough subjects, including a child with cancer. The cinematography in the film is extraordinary with the stark landscapes of the frozen north. If you want a film with notable performances and a well-thought-out plot, this movie is for you.   My Rating: Cable   Aloft Website

Indiefest:  A Little Chaos (2014)  R  Sabine (Kate Winslet) is a landscape designer who is commissioned by King Louis XIV (Alan Rickman) to build a garden at Versailles. She must deal with men who aren’t used to being bossed by a woman and work with Andre Le Notre (Matthias Schoenaerts), a landscaper to whom she becomes attracted. This is a fascinating film about a woman struggling to make it in not only in a man’s world but one that is also ruled by a class system. Winslet is perfect as the headstrong Sabine, who is willing to move mountains to create her garden. Besides playing the King, Rickman also directs this beautiful and intriguing film. Stanley Tucci stands out as the King’s snobbish brother, and there is subtle chemistry between Winslet and Schoenaerts. If you are a lover of costume dramas and court intrigue, this film is for you. It’s not your typical love story, but it is an enjoyable piece made better because of the performances of Tucci and Winslet.  My Rating: Full Price   A Little Chaos Website

Indiefest:   Eden (2014)  R   Paul (Felix de Givry) is a teenager who spends his nights in the underground scene of early nineties Paris. He forms a DJ collective with his friends, and they get involved with every aspect of the nightlife scene, including sex, drugs and dance music.  I am not a fan of club music, especially the house music that fills this very long and pointless film. The lead character of this story is extremely unlikable as he goes from girlfriend to girlfriend, mooching on his mother’s money and doing coke like it’s a daily vitamin. The story never really gets going and just seems to be one long reason to play some “Daft Punk” music. I think the writer/director, Mia Hansen-Love, spent a little too much time on the dance floor and not enough time working on her script.  My Rating: Cable   Eden Facebook page

Indiefest:   In Stereo (2015)    David (Micah Hauptman) and Brenda (Beau Garrett) are perfect for each other. Everyone knows that, with the exception of David and Brenda. They decide to break up, and both their lives start spiraling down. Will they ever realize the mistake they made?  I enjoyed this very unconventional love story about two people who are going to remain unhappy until they make the choice to get back together. I especially enjoyed the performance of Garrett, who, as the self-involved Brenda, makes her character likable even though she isn’t the nicest person in the world. The film is funny and, at times, touching, which makes it one of those films where you just want to slap the main characters and say “you are with the wrong person.” It’s a very inventive film full of rich and interesting characters and takes a few twists and turns to make you keep watching.  My Rating: Full Price

Forgotten Film:  Missing (1982)  R  A young couple (John Shea and Sissy Spacek) are traveling through Chile in the early 70s when a civil war breaks out. The young man is taken away by government forces with the suggestion that he is a spy. His wife and his father (Jack Lemmon) attempt to find the young man before he gets lost in the system. Lemmon and Spacek are brilliant in this film, worthy of their Academy Award nominations. The award-winning script is smart and bold, and the direction by Costa-Garvas is superb.   My Rating: Full Price   Missing Info

Weird Credits: From the credits of Magic Mike XXL: Graphic Designer Specialty Tattoo

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You: Ricki and the Flash (2015)  PG-13  Hey, any film that has Meryl Streep as a rock-and-roll icon can’t be half bad.   Ricki and the Flash Info
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