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My ViewLogan  (2017)  R  Logan (Hugh Jackman) is tired of all the battles he has fought. He is holed up with Professor X (Patrick Stewart) on the Mexican border when a young mutant (Saber Bankson) being pursued by dark forces arrives. Logan is the X-Men/Wolverine movie that you have always wanted. It’s gritty, bleak and incredibly well done. A bit of a warning, this is a hard R rated film with a ton of very gory violence and quite a bit of cussing, so do not take young kids to see this movie. I loved the action sequences in this film, as its fast paced and doesn’t use a lot of “shaky cam.” Hugh Jackman puts everything he can into the role of the world-weary Logan. While there isn’t a closing credit sequence, don’t be late to the theatre because there is a great opening sequence that is not to be missed.   My Rating:  Full Price   Logan Website
My View Before I Fall  (2017)  PG-13  Samantha (Zoey Deutch) is a high school student who keeps reliving the same day over and over. If you had one day to do all over again, how would you do things differently?  This is a “groundhog” type of movie which doesn’t work because the main character keeps doing the same things. This film wants us to root for Samantha, but the problem is she isn’t a likable person. She is part of a “mean girls” group of friends who are self-centered and only concerned about having a good time.  The storyline is boring and predictable with an ending that is too simple to work.    My Rating: Cable   Before I Fall Website
IndiefestTable 19  (2017)  PG-13  Ex-maid of honor Eloise (Anna Kendrick), after being dumped by the best man who is the brother of  the bride, Eloise decides to attend the wedding anyway and is assigned to the losers table, table 19.  This is an entertaining movie that is smart and whimsical. The film starts out like it’s your normal, big cast funny event movie, but soon the tone of the film changes and gives us clues to why each member has ended up at the table of people the wedding party invited but hoped wouldn’t show.  Kendrick is her usual dorky, adorable self. The rest of the cast is outstanding with June Squibb as the bride’s former nanny, giving a dazzling performance.  I loved the ending which is as brilliant as the rest of the film.   My Rating:  Full Price   Table 19 Website
IndiefestKedi  (2016)  Istanbul is famous for its cats, most of which live on the streets. The film focuses on seven cats and how people interact with them. On the surface, this documentary looks like it would be boring and stupid, but it’s just the opposite. It’s a fun look at the lives of cats that roam the streets of a very colorful city. Using unique camera angles and close-ups, we get to know and love seven very different cats and the unusual people that interact with them. Each cat profiled in the film has a distinct personality. There is the polite cat that never begs for food, the bully cat that is always protecting her turf and her man. Some cats in the film love to be petted, others almost disdain any contact with humans. All the cats profiled in the movie are “homeless,” but each have marked territories that they frequent. This is a funny and fascinating film that even a person who doesn’t like cats will love.    My Rating: Full Price    Kedi Website
Forgotten FilmMichael  (1996)  PG  Three reporters (Robert Pastorelli, William Hurt, Andie MacDowell), working for a tabloid newspaper, are sent to Iowa to investigate reports that an angel is living at a small, remote motel. They discover that yes, an angel named Michael (John Travolta) is living there, soaking up earth on his last visit ever (angels can only visit a set number of times).  Travolta is the reason to see this film, as he plays an angel who is living it up, sometimes at the expense of others. He’s there to help these reporters rediscover love and a reason for living. Michael is an enjoyable and charming film that is just fun to watch.    My Rating: Full Price   Michael Info

Weird Credits:  From the credits of Logan:  Stunt Pre-Viz

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near YouThe Zookeeper’s Wife  (2017)  PG-13  During WWII, the keepers of the Warsaw Zoo helped save hundreds of people and the animals during the German occupation.  You had me at “starring Jessica Chastain.”   The Zookeeper's Wife Website

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