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The Other Woman

My ViewThe Other Woman (2014)  PG-13  Carly (Cameron Diaz) discovers that her boyfriend is married when she shows up at his house to surprise him.  Kate (Leslie Mann) confronts Carly about the affair, and they soon discover that Kate’s husband (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) is cheating not only on her but Carly, as well with, Amber (Kate Upton).  When another affair is discovered, the three women decide to get revenge on the cheating husband and make him pay for his transgressions.  This is a fun, and, at times, a little raunchy comedy that never takes itself too seriously.  Diaz is enjoyable as the driven Carly, using her knack for physical comedy to the upmost.  Upton is beautiful and cute but isn’t asked to do too much on-screen than react to what Diaz and Mann do.  Leslie Mann is why you will want to see this movie, as she gives an impressive comedic performance.  Kate overreacts to everything, and Mann uses that to make every scene her own.  This isn’t a perfect film, as it’s too long and has plot holes, but it’s a fun romp that uses Mann’s comedic talents to full effect.  My Rating: Bargain Matinee  The Other Woman Website 
IndiefestHateship Loveship (2014)  R  Johanna (Kristen Wiig) is a caretaker who seems to be from another era - she dresses as if she were from the 50’s, right down to her laced up shoes.  She gets a job to take care of a grandfather (Nick Nolte) and his granddaughter, Sabitha (Hailee Steinfeld), a teenager who seems determined to get into as much trouble as she can. Johanna meets Sabitha’s father, an ex-con drug addict named Ken (Guy Pearce) who lives in another town.  When Ken writes Johanna a thank you note, she takes the gesture to heart and writes him back.  Sabitha and her best friend, Edith (Sami Gayle), intercept the letter and begin posing as Ken, writing her letters (just to be mean) that get more and more romantically involved.  Now Johanna is in a romance with Ken, and he knows nothing about it. Wiig gives the dramatic performance of a lifetime, making us slowly fall in love with Johanna.  The script is well written and Wiig doesn’t have a lot of lines, but she gives us all we need to know about Johanna through her body language and facial expressions.  The rest of the cast is outstanding, including a low-key performance from Nick Nolte, and the script gives us a plot that keeps us guessing.  My Rating: Full Price  Hateship Loveship Website  For a full length review of this film click here 
My View: Walking with the Enemy  (2014) In Hungary during the final days of World War II, Elek (Jonas Armstrong), son of a Rabbi, helps save thousands of his fellow Jewish countrymen by posing as a Nazi officer.  Unfortunately, Elek was too late to save his own family.  I found this film, based on a true story, absorbing  about a subject that not many people know about and a story of heroism and sacrifice.  I enjoyed the performances of Armstrong, who projects a steely backbone as the heroic Elek and Hannah Tointon, who plays Elek’s girlfriend who joins him in the fight to keep as many Jews safe as they can.  The film has some splendid action sequences and a plot that is full of tension and surprises.  It’s an engaging film about a dark time in our world history.   My Rating: Bargain Matinee Walking with the Enemy Website 
Forgotten Film: The Opposite of Sex (1998) R DeDee (Christina Ricci) is a fast-talking, smart ass of a teenager who, unhappy and pregnant, moves to Indiana to stay with her half-brother named, Bill (Martin Donovan).  Bill is gay and lives with Matt (Ivan Sergei).   Dedee seduces Matt, convincing him that he is bi-sexual.  The film has just about everything, including gunplay, accusations of molestation and double crosses.  What sets this film apart is it is funny, at times, mostly due to DeDee being the narrator of the film, where she makes sarcastic comments about what is going on in the story.  Ricci is always fun to watch on the screen, and in this film she gives one of her better performances.  This film isn’t for everybody, but if you are ready to go on a wild ride with DeDee, then this film is for you.  My Rating: Bargain Matinee  The Opposite of Sex Info 

Weird Credits:  From the credits of Walking with the Enemy: German language consultant 

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You: God’s Pocket (2014)  A man investigates the construction accident of his stepson and gets in way over his head.  I don’t need to know any more than it stars the late Philip Seymour Hoffman.  God's Pocket Info
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