Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First Entry

A number of people have suggested that I start up a blog about movies, so here it goes.  This blog will contain the following:

1).  My View:  A short review of the last film(s) that I have seen.
                         I will rate them on the following scale from best to worst;

  •                          I would pay to see it again
  •                          Full Price
  •                          Bargain Matinee
  •                          Cable
  •                          You would have to pay me to see it again
2).  The 50:  A film from my Best or Worst 50 Films of all time lists.

3).  Forgotten Film:  A short review of a film that has been overlooked.
      These are films that I think you should consider putting in your Queue.

4). In Case You Missed It:  A short review of a movie that has just come out on DVD.

5).  Weird Credits:   I look for strange or unusual credits at the end of movies.

6).  Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You:  Films that I am looking forward to seeing.

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