Friday, January 8, 2016

The Revenant

My ViewThe Revenant  (2015)  R  A frontiersman, Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio), and his son, Hawk (Forrest Goodluck), are scouts for a trapping expedition that is hit by Indians. Glass leads the men to an escape path when he is attacked by a bear and left for dead. Glass must now battle the elements to survive.   “The Revenant” is a brutally violent movie, but that violence is not exploited like a "campy" horror film and is shown to illustrate how harsh the world was in that time. The bear attack is horrific and goes on so long it becomes very uncomfortable to watch. Director Alejandro G. Iñárritu has created action sequences that are stunning to watch, especially since that scene was done with minimal amount of CGI special effects (mostly to animate the bear) and without “green screens.” Leonardo DiCaprio gives one of his most powerful and captivating performances of his career. If he does win the Oscar for this role, it won’t be because of the dialogue as DiCaprio has more lines in Pawnee than in English. DiCaprio gives this part his all, and we can see it in his face and eyes as he fights for survival.  Overall, this is a film that, on one hand is beautiful and awe-inspiring, but also is a brutal movie to watch as we see men pushed to their very limits in a world that does not forgive. This film is a difficult journey the audience, but the performances of DiCaprio and Hardy make it worth the effort      My Rating: Full Price   The Revenant Website
My ViewThe Forest (2015)  PG-13  The Aokigahara Forrest is at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan.  While a beautiful place, it’s known for one thing…where people go to commit suicide. Sara Price (Natalie Dormer) is in the area to search for her missing twin sister.  Sara must now enter the forest to try and find what happened, and it could be the last thing she ever does. Unfortunately, this is another of a long line of your run-of-the-mill horror films. It is rarely scary, relies on  “jump out of the dark” devices to produce the scary scenes. The storyline is simple and too predictable with an ending that you see coming a mile away. Natalie Dormer does a lot of screaming/running but isn’t asked to do too much more. Skip this film and rent “It Follows” instead.   My Rating: Cable   The Forest Website
Forgotten FilmPlaces in the Heart (1984) PG   In 1930’s Texas, a sheriff’s widow (Sally Field), with the help of her kids, a black hobo (Danny Glover) and a blind boarder (John Malkovich), attempt to raise, then harvest that season’s first cotton crop. If they can succeed, the widow can save the family farm. The film features three astonishing performances by Glover, Malkovich and especially Field. It’s a story of perseverance and overcoming the odds, and the theme of the importance of family makes this film work so well.   My Rating: Full Price   Places in the Heart Info
In Case, You Missed It (A Film Just Released on DVD/Blu-ray):   Sicario  (2015)  An FBI agent (Emily Blunt) is sent to join a task force to aid Mexico in the war against the drug cartels.  As she gets deeper and deeper into the mission, she starts to question the methods used to take down the cartels. Blunt gives a masterful performance in the film, making us root for her FBI agent character. Benicio Del Toro is perfectly cast as a mysterious, menacing consultant who just might be a C.I.A. agent with an agenda of his own. I liked the action sequences which were fast moving and well-choreographed. I just wish the script had been a little tighter, as there are a few plot holes that never get addressed. The film does have a scintillating score that helps create tension. This movie, due to its subject matter, that is hard to watch, though I enjoyed the film, yet it’s not one that I will want to revisit anytime soon.    My Rating: Full Price   Sicario Website

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Coming Soon to a Theatre Near YouThe 5th Wave  (2016)  PG-13  Four waves of increasingly savage alien attacks have hit earth and have devastated the planet. Cassie (Chloe Grace Moretz) is trying to save her younger brother from the aliens and may be the key to defeating them. I love Chloe Grace Moretz and think she is one of the better young actresses in films today. Count me in for this one.   The 5th Wave Facebook page
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