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My View: Ghostbusters  (2016)  Erin (Kristen Wiig) and Abby (Melissa McCarthy) write a book that states that ghosts are real. When ghosts invade Manhattan, the author pair team up with Jillian (Kate McKinnon),  a nuclear engineer, and  Patty (Leslie Jones), to try and save the world from an evil and powerful demon, Rowan (Neil Casey). I had a great time watching this film. There are some subtle homages to the first Ghostbusters movies, but it’s really an original idea for a movie. I would have liked McCarthy to be a little more animated in her part, but Kate McKinnon more than makes up for that with an incredibly wacky performance. Chris Hemsworth is brilliant as the dumb as rocks receptionist who gets the job based only on his good looks. There are a lot of cameos, some really work but it is very obvious that Bill Murray didn't want to do this film from his performance. The film was shot in 3-D, and it shows, with some the ghost appearances using the technology to the fullest. There are two bonus scenes, one after the main credits and another, which sets up a possible sequel, after all the credits.   My Rating:  Full Price   Ghostbusters Website
My ViewThe Infiltrator  (2016)  R  A U.S. customs official (Bryan Cranston) uncovers a money laundering scheme that traces all the way back to drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. I kept thinking  as I watched this film, this is a really good TV movie, the kind that you used to see every week back in the 70’s. But this isn’t a TV movie, and it’s just too slow and procedural to be interesting. Bryan Cranston gives what he can to the film, and he does an excellent job, but he is let down by the pacing and the script. The rest of the cast isn’t given much to do with the exception of Diane Kruger, who does an excellent job playing Cranston’s undercover partner. I just wish that this film had given Cranston more to work with.  My Rating; Bargain Matinee  The Infiltrator Website
IndiefestBreaking a Monster  (2015)  Documentary about three 13-year-old boys who form a Metal band, get discovered playing on the streets of New York, and, within a year, are on the bill of big outdoor concerts. Documentary about three 13-year-old boys who form a Metal band called "Unlocking the Truth," get discovered playing on the streets of New York, and, within a year, are on the bill of big outdoor concerts.  This is an entertaining film that follows the trials and tribulations of three teen boys dealing with school, girls and video games while trying to become rock stars. We get to the see the band perform live at concerts, and we see them record their first single. The most interesting apect of the film is how their manager (who created Welcome Back Kotter and discovered the Jonas Brothers) tries to keep them focused on music, not on what normal kids are interested in. The band becomes disillusioned when the record company is slow to get them into the studio, and we get to see the kids act out a bit. The film does get you to worry about the kids and if they are being taken for a ride. And, oh, by the way, the kids can actually play music!   My Rating: Full Price   Breaking a Monster Website
IndiefestThe Innocents  (2016)   In 1945 Poland, a young French Red Cross doctor (Lou de Laage) is dealing with the aftermath of World War II. She is sent to assist the survivors of a German prison camp.  She soon discovers in a local convent that several of the nuns there are in advanced stages of pregnancy.Lou de Laage gives another breathtaking performance as the doctor who decides on her own to help the nuns with their pregnancies. De Laage is brilliant in the role, making her character someone that we want to know. The cinematography in the film is a wonder as the film looks almost as if it is shot in black and white, contributing greatly to the starkness of film.  This is a tough movie to watch due to its subject matter but ultimately it’s worth the effort.   My Rating: Full Price   The Innocents Info   
IndiefestHunt for the Wilderpeople  (2016)  PG-13  Ricky (Julian Dennison), a 12-year-old Maori boy, obsessed with rap songs, is brought to a remote New Zealand farm run by Hec (Sam Neill) and his wife, Bella (Rima Te Wiata). Hec and Bella are going to be his foster aunt and uncle for the next few months. Slowly but surely Bella works her charm, and Ricky gradually grows to like living on the farm; that is if he can stay out of the sights of Hec, who barely tolerates the boy.  Just as Ricky starts feeling apart of the family, Bella dies unexpectedly. Ricky decides to run away, and Hec goes after him, taking them on a trip that will change both their lives. This is a joyous film that celebrates that people, no matter how different their personalities are, can still find comfort and love in shared experiences. Waititi is subtle in his building of scenes, letting us enjoy small moments like Ricky pretending to dance to a Walkman he made of grass as Hec looks on in wonderment. It’s those little scenes that let us get inside the characters and see how they interact with each other. “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” is a beautiful, magical film that you won’t want to end. I am in fact ready to go on another adventure with Hec and Ricky.   My Take: Full Price   Hunt for the Wilderpeople Website 
Indiefest:  Undrafted  (2016)  12 ragtag teammates are playing a playoff game in an intermural league. Their opposing team is filled with ringers, but there is hope because John, is about to be a professional ballplayer. Right before the start of the game, the team finds out that John wasn’t drafted, and his professional career is over before it even started. Can the team rally and beat the semi-pros or will John’s undrafted status cause the team to fall apart? This is a fun and funny film filled with outlandish characters. I especially enjoy the performances of Ryan Pinkston, who plays an overzealous catcher, Joe Mazzello (who wrote and directed the film) as an outfielder with anger issues, and Tyler Hoechlin, who plays a relief pitcher suddenly having to become a starter.  There are some absurd and ludicrous moments that are just brilliant. The film does lose some of its momentum when it gets just a little too serious a time or two but otherwise it’s a blast to watch.  My Rating: Full Price    Undrafted Info
Forgotten FilmDivorce – Italian Style (1962) Marcello Mastroianni is scintillating as a Sicilian nobleman who has fallen in love with another woman and because of Italian divorce laws being so strict, he must now plot how to kill his wife. This is a dark comedy that is brilliantly zany in its storytelling. The film moves at a quick pace and is hilarious as Mastroianni’s plan gets quickly out of hand.  This may have been Marcello Mastroianni’s best work.   My Rating: Full Price    Divorce Italian Style Info

Weird Credits: From the credits of Ghostbusters: Render Wrangler

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near YouGleason (2016)  Documentary on former professional football player Steve Gleason, who at age 34, was diagnosed with ALS. This film was one of the most talked about films at this year’s SXSW Film Festival, and I look forward to seeing this movie about a very courageous man and his family.   Gleason Website

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